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9 Jul

I love the blog crayons and milk! What talent and creativity!

Teachers Quiver Full

I was thinking today about the amazing blogs I follow. There are some truly talented people out there in Blog world! So incredibly gifted and the best part is that they share their ideas with everyone!

1.I have been following Crayons and Milk and really if I just put up the photos of her amazing creations they speak for themselves!


2. Counting Coconuts is another blog I love. I appreciate the great ideas on this blog and as I am about to embark on a full time Kindergarten (maternity leave) job I am looking forward to implementing some of the activities


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I have moved to a new blog!

25 Jan


If anyone is out there?? I have moved my blog and renamed it.

I thought by adding the word ‘teachers’ it would help identify it as something to do with children and learning!

See you over there!

My new blog address is