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21 Jan

You might say strange name for a blog! I remember watching The Barchester Chronicles and in the story there was a man named Mr Quiver-full. He was so named as he had a great many children and was considered blessed to have been endowed with such a big family! I feel that as I have collected and stored away so many ideas, strategies and resources I should share my quiver-full with others!

So I decided to start a blog. I guess the thing that inspired me came from the movie Julie and Julia! I love the way Julie started her blog, just writing about what she loved. In her case cooking. In my case teaching ideas.

Having recently graduated from  Uni as a K-3 teacher I started thinking about the kind of blogs I visit and revisit. They are always ones where teachers have kindly put up great resource ideas, or lessons, or planning anything that can help the newbie teacher make sense of the teaching world.

I thought I would start with an idea I adapted from a resource I saw some years ago, namely story or literacy bags. I started with Handa’s Surprise by Eileen Browne.

1. First the bag

I purchased some linen bags (about $1.50) from linen and craft stores. Then I decided to put a label on either depicting a book or a theme.  I guess you could keep it all in a snazzy plastic tub, but there is something about a bag and the mystery you can create when you bring out the resources in a story session!

2. I know what you are thinking. Copyright. Well I thought about that and as the bags are for my personal use I figured I could photocopy one illustration from the book.

3. I decided to put both Eileen Browne’s books in, Handa’s Surprise and Handa’s Hen as they are both about the same two girls, Handa and Akeyo. I purchased the books from The Book Depository as their prices are excellent. I have since moved to for slightly cheaper products with free delivery (in Australia).

4. I found some amazing activities that were free to download to accompany the story. The most comprehensive activities were from Sparklebox. As this is a controversial website for educators, I have added other excellent websites that provide wonderful activities

I printed,cut and laminated these masks. I found the long wooden sticks at $2 stores.

These cards are great for a variety of language games. I printed 2 sets for memory and fish games. They are great for finding initial sounds of words and syllabification.

I adapted this resource to incorporate sequencing of the story, ie what fruit did the animals take first, second etc. I attached velcro to the board and the individual pictures. You could use this as a small group activity or enlarge the picture to A3 for a whole class group discussion.

Helpful websites:

I have recently been invited to submit a review of Handa’s Surprise to ‘The Book Chook’   When this has been posted I will attach the link for further resource ideas.


2 Responses to “Story bags”

  1. Vicky January 24, 2012 at 1:32 am #

    Hi Sue,
    As a teacher working in a primary school library I like to find ideas that would engage the students and how lucky for me to have come across your blog(with the help of Book Chhok) which is filled with fresh ideas!! Thank you!!

    • thequiverfull January 25, 2012 at 11:18 pm #

      Hi Vicky
      Thank you for your encouraging words!
      I really appreciate them.
      I am very new to blogging and teaching and I have always felt so blessed to have been able to access other teachers ideas
      so I am glad that this blog is an encouragement to others!
      I am I realize addicted to children’s books and had I not done Early Childhood teaching my next love would be the job that you have!

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