Back to my story bags! Pirates!

21 Jan

Here I am back again with my story bags! When I was on a prac at a primary school in my second year of Uni the Kindergarten children showed a great deal of interest in pirates. So I found the book ‘Tough Boris’ by my favourite author, Mem Fox and set to work to plan an outdoor  pirate activity, that would of course, incorporate math language(following the treasure map directions) and society and environment learning outcomes and themes (history and past times).

1. First of course the story bag! I have realized now, looking back, that I cannot remember where I found the image of the pirate map (apologies to the creator of the map, I will keep looking and add the info).

2. As I have young men in the house, their boots, which we had used on a trip to Europe, were taken out of the cupboard,  traced around onto black paper and laminated! ( I will explain!!)

3.This is the strange part I have to admit! I decided to do the whole dressing up and the talk like a pirate thing! I am not given to dressing up but I have found I do things out of my comfort zone when children are involved! I had a long black coat, a pirate hat from a toy store, a stripey black and white tshirt and a red scarf!

4 I had taken a photo of the outside play area and having an artistic son he drew all  the recognizable landmarks. He was keen to burn the edges of the map to make it look authentic! He was saying, “this is so cool I remember doing this with you years ago”. He got a bit carried away and burnt a rather large section, ah well! We did the whole coffee bag thing and voila our map!

5. I found an old wooden box and decorated it with pirate stickers. The $2 dollar stores are so handy for jewels! I found some chocolate gold coins (enough for everyone) this can be an issue (allergies) so I also had gold coin cut outs just in case.

6. I had paced out how many steps it would take to reach the treasure (bearing in mind they would be small steps!)The treasure  had been placed in an old rowing boat in the sandpit ! I lay  ’dress up clothes’ strategically around the boat and hid the treasure box out of sight! The scene was set!

I came inside and using my good old pirate voice I called the children outside to see if we could find the treasure before Captain Long John Silver came back!

We had a wonderful time, and as the Kindergarten had two groups we got to do it again the next day!


A treasure box made with felt with the poem:

‘Pirate Pirate on the ship’

‘How many pieces did you get?’

The children counted out the pieces as I lay them in the box. They then played  with them with a friend.

We played pirate tic tac toe with these wooden toys I found in Paddy’s markets in Sydney! ( Just start the virtual tour and turn a little to the right and there is the shop!

Books :

I wish I had a pirate suit (Pamela Allen)

The great pirate activity book (Deri Robins/George Buchanan)

Pirate things to make and do (Usborne Activites) This is where I found my stickers for the treasure box.

Websites: This blog has a wonderful array of creative ideas (you will need to use the translate option as it is in french!)

One Response to “Back to my story bags! Pirates!”

  1. thequiverfull January 21, 2012 at 10:10 am #

    What wonderful memories you made for those young pirates!

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